About Me

a creative fish with a camera attached to her fin.

hi ! im felicia (;

– a natural light chaser and a lover of love. 

im a firm believer in the quote “ all you need is love … “ because i think LOVE has the power to do anything and everything and its why i love to capture all types of LOVE : the love of a mother/father and their newborn baby, the love of a family, or the love of a couple so happy together you can see it in every photo && most important the love of yourself. let me do this for you  – lets capture your love <3


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More About Me

pisces. enneagram 2. ravenclaw ( w/ a side of hufflepuff ) . living in velaris. && always dreamin.

when i don’t have my camera attached to me, you can find my nose in a good book ( usually about love ) – its my stress language lol . starbucks is an addiction and i don’t leave the house with at least eyeliner on . my house is ravenclaw even tho there is some hufflepuff inside of me. you won’t find a truer pisces than myself && i am obsessed with astrology and anything to do with zodiacs. as much as i may be a girlie girl, my husband says he doesn’t know any woman more obsessed with sports than me haha – hey what can i say im passionate about what i LOVE lol and i ultimately just love anything that makes me feel good and above all that’s pictures.

getting to do what i do for a living is a dream come true and being able to capture peoples’ LOVE is the ultimate joy – it truly is what makes me happy . the moment during a session when youre finally comfortable and you get into it or after its all said and done and you get your photos back and see WOW! that is me and you just fall in love all over again – thats what i want and hope to capture with each one of my clients and here’s to hoping the next one can be YOU!

so if youre ready to fall in love … lets DO THE DAMN THING !